"God is as much part of my life, rather, even now much more now, than when all of this litigation began." -Marcenia

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."  -Dr. Seuss



My Memoirs of“Bomb The Church”

The war between Faith and Justice


The Pastor of an historic church is placed under arrest and threatened with jail time while another Pastor is incarcerated, thrown in jail for defending the rights of the church and its corporation. A disgruntled group of parishioners plot a takeover in spite of all the amazing policies and practices of their church’s history. It is up to the embattled Pastor to defend her rights and the rights of the church and corporation in an all out war.

Marcenia, the President of the Corporation and the Pastor of the church, geared herself up to take on the “GIANT”, a renowned law firm that takes on the conspirators’ lucrative case (pro bono).  One of the counsels from the GIANT law firm stated in court, “We have more resources, more people and more money…We not only want possession, We want everything she has... at whatever price…”

Little did Marcenia realize that this would escalate into a decade legal battle.

After succeeding her father as the organization’s spiritual and decision-making leader, those whom she eclipsed in her rise strategically planned her demise. Despite her background and her history with the church, these conspirators sought to force her out. They threaten her – and her associates – with bombs, power chain saws, loaded guns, dead chickens and much more.

The court places a warrant for her arrest while she is hospitalized, as she tries to defend her rights and the church and its assets.

The challenges and struggles built quickly. Her beloved mentor father dies … her strong, foreseeing mother suffers a stroke … then she is ordered to denounce her position as President of the corporation and Pastor of the church, and relinquish personal bank accounts, records, insurance policies, computers, vehicles, and assets.

Following the court’s unprecedented decision to determine who the members were of a religious organization, the court ordered its election, allowing anyone who walked off of the streets to participate in the election. The defendants’ decision to state that the court cannot determine who the members are of a church without delving into religious affairs had its lasting effects. The law and the evidence, along with the rights of the church and the polity of the corporation supersede the court’s personal election.

The court then made another unprecedented decision by ordering that a group of non members, who left the church for more than 20 years to take over the historic church.  Following the personal election of the court, the judge asked the plaintiffs if they there was any evidence to evict the defendants. The plaintiffs’ counsel responded; “We don’t have any”.  With no evidence and no laws to justify its decision, the GIANT law firm convinced the court to order the eviction of the defendants (and other existing church officials); as well as, issue an order to turn over all of its assets to another existing corporation. 

Does it become the responsibility of the court to determine who the winners and losers are based solely upon those who have “the deepest pockets”?  As stated by Marcenia: “Even within the judicial system…winners and losers are determined by the rules as set forth within each game, (as the counsel from the GIANT law firm referred to our case as “a game”).  However there are times, as in our case, when the “game” is not based upon the rules, evidence or law.  Therefore, winning as seen through the eyes of injustice was subjective to the rules made up by those, as they went against truth and justice and not according to the law, the facts, the evidence or the truth.

The beauty of the American Justice System is the freedom to stand for justice, even when it means taking a stand against injustice, while maintaining the right to pursue justice. This, we believe would show generations to come the beauty of the American Justice System amidst injustice.

After ten years of agonizing litigation, the plaintiffs and the GIANT law firm seizes Marcenia’s personal belongings and everything that she had acquired in her lifetime, (including her laundry), leaving her with only a vehicle – while demanded that she relinquish all rights to pursue justice.  The illustrated lawsuit was nothing short of a sophisticated land grab.

As a fugitive, Marcenia was left homeless and begins sleeping inside of her car, which the plaintiffs and their counsels continued to pursue. After selling her vehicle to pay for outstanding legal fees, how did she  start over?

This story is told in great detail – with many personal and shocking memories – in Marcenia’s book, “My Memoirs of … “Bomb the Church” … the war between Faith and Justice.

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