"When one stands to judge, he must begin with himself. By judging the actions of the plaintiffs, I see something within myself that needs to be free." -Marcenia

"When God has spoken, if you believe in God, listen. It may not be what you want to hear, but it beats what you are saying” -Marcenia


Marcenia Janell Richards

Born in Chicago, Illinois Marcenia Janell Richards creates platforms and opportunities to share the principles of faith. 

Marcenia is a Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Author and Host.  She is also the President of The Life Center. Prior to her current positions, she held management and leadership positions within various agencies throughout the City of Chicago and Pastoral positions.

She speaks throughout the country, and her teachings extended throughout Africa, Canada, Europe, the West Indies, and other countries.  With fortitude and faith she continues to travel extensively, teaching, practicing, and instructing principles which empowers individuals to increase their paradigms of faith.

Marcenia developed a tremendous affinity for mentoring youth.  Dedicated to the cause of youth and teaching youth reconciliation through means other than violence, she has been “in the trenches” with high-risk youth in various places. This work empowered her to launch many projects responsible for bringing vitality and hope to countless individuals. These projects included hosting conferences with notable celebrities; while working with others to assist in coordinating and establishing communities of non-violence.

Marcenia’s own personal experiences assist in creating a platform for individuals within faith-based establishments with real dilemmas. Through Real Issues Television (RITV), Marcenia will pave the way for individuals to share topics often neglected within faith-based communities. As host of RITV, she will help individuals make amends with difficult experiences in order to discover freedom and restoration. 

While teaching the principles of faith, she brazened the politics of the judicial system that determined who the members of the corporation and church should be.  Representing herself – and a historic Pentecostal church – pro se against a renowned law firm – the litigation’s results formed an insuperable trial, which, inevitably enhanced her faith – in spite of being left homeless, losing all personal possessions and much more.  Despite such variances, Marcenia seeks to fashion a platform where individuals can share their stories of managing and overcoming insurmountable obstacles, amidst a myriad of trials within the faith-based communities.   RITV is such platform.

After engaging nearly a decade in a monotonous and costly litigation, Marcenia speaks openly and practically about her experiences as she shares her journey in her book, My Memoirs of … “Bomb the Church”, the war with the GIANT in a battle for justice.  She cherishes the lives and experiences of others – and spends her time sharing messages of hope while assisting real people with real issues seeking real solutions. 

Marcenia is also the author of 31 Days of Prayer for Wisdom.













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